Engineering construction firm Railex offers specialist services. Our focus is mainly on railway projects. Our expertise in the railway industry means we can offer turnkey solutions. We have registered professional engineers who can tackle projects from start to finish: feasibility, the design phase and construction.

Railex’s labour force also has the necessary experience and certification to carry out railway construction and maintenance. Our focus is mainly on overhead traction equipment (OHTE) and substations.

Serving substations we supply and install 3kV, 11kV and 25kV secondary switchgear and on the primary side we supply and install from 33kV to 132kV switchgear. We also do the testing and commissioning of substations from 400V to 132kV.

Infrared thermography (IRT) scanning is one of the expert services that we offer. We employ suitably experienced thermographers with the necessary certification. We have all the necessary equipment for infrared thermographic scanning of switchgear. Our thermographers have the necessary references for them to work on the Transnet infrastructure.